1 July 2016

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - July Blueskies and lemonade

Its a bit hard thinking of summer things sitting and freezing in winter in Australia...lol.. funny how the brain works so I could not be very imaginative past the standard things. hope you like it

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1 June 2016

Pixel Scappers Blog Train - Yesteryear

Another month has past extremely fast and the freebie has arrived the theme is yesteryear so there will be some very different and great kits created here is mine

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1 April 2016

Pixel Scrap Blog Train - In Full Bloom

we are at a new month again..wow they past so quickly for me, this month was themed in full bloom and I went a little different and went with a twist on the wording and  thought of new mummy's at full bloom so I hope you like it

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1 March 2016

Pixel Scrappers Blog Train March 2016

Here we are again another month has passed by in a flash and we have a new train coming..This month is Unwind, so there will be many varied kits around..what do you do to unwind ?

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1 February 2016

Freebie Pixel Scrappers Feb Blog Train

Well here we are again this month is For The Love and appropriate for the month that has Valentines hope you like my part :)

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1 January 2016

Freebie January Pixel Scrap Blogtrain Crafty Evening

Welcome to the New Year of 2016 wow the last year just vanished in no time, I hope you had a wonderful festive season.

A new month and a new freebie for the Pixel scrap blog train join the Pixel scrapper community and find the other wonderful creations for this train...please be sure to read the terms & conditions folder inside the zip

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